Faun Picture

(oh man such a creative title. I couldn't think of anything) SO I'M VERY PROUD OF THIS. I ACTUALLY DID A BACKGROUND. AND IT DIDN'T QUITE TURN OUT LIKE SHIT. There are some obvious mistakes that I really don't feel like fixing, so just ignore those. I am pretty proud of that rock though. It's a pretty nice rock.
ANYWAY, guess who has a new character? It's totally not me pff. Ok it is me. Ever since this morning I've just had the intense urge to draw fauns. So I did. Well, one faun really. (I'll post my doodles of him tomorrow, that's when I'm planning on scanning stuff) I still have a bunch of things to figure out about this guy, but here's what I have. He's an Irish merchant named Quinn, and he travels all over the place selling magical bits and bobs. He is friends with all of my other guys, and they let him visit and set up shop in front of the comic book store. He's also really old (I dunno how old, and I still need to research fauns a little more, but in Roman mythology they were forest gods. So I'm gonna assume they're immortal, or pretty close to it) and he's always been an ally to the bounty hunters, selling them wares and information, and passing along any rumors or contracts he picks up in his travels. Like most fauns, he really likes music, dancing, getting drunk, and messing with people, but he's also really sweet. That's about all I've got. I'm also throwing around the idea that his fur/hair colour changes with the seasons. What do you think?
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