T-Shirt Design - The Akhlut Picture

This is my first contest entry I've ever done on DeviantArt! I was thinking about what to draw for a while, and I couldn't think of anything creative that other people haven't done yet. So, I spent a good 30 minutes searching for a Creature no one else had done yet. Finally, I found something. It's a creature known as a Akhult.
It's a creature known in Inuit Mythology that shares a spirit with both an Orca Whale and a wolf. i thought it would be cool to do this creature because I've never heard of it before, and I thought doing it would be a creative change on things.
I first drew it on paper, and then I faxed it to my computer. There, I did some digital drawings, and it no time at all I had my shirt done!
I did a cute, almost Anime drawing of the Akhult on the front. It's basically a wolf with a doral fin on it's back, and marking like the Orca. Also, I put it's name in a unique font above it.
Then, on the back, I wrote a little data about the creature, since most people have no idea what it is!
Then on the sleeves, I did a Moon and some Waves. This is to show how the Akhult is connected to the full moon, (Wolfs howling at the moon) and to the Ocean. (Orcas live in the Ocean)

I know it's definitively not the best design, but I figured it might be fun to enter a contest and see if I could win!

Anyways, thanks if you voted for me!
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