Stare of Doom!!! : Painting Picture

If I recall correctly I painted this image of a Medusa from a clip art or line art drawing I had found. Maybe I am mistaken but either way I did the painting and the coloring. I never got around to finishing this one up either. The painting is 12”x12” and was painted with craft paints which are acrylic, cheap and good for easy projects. The idea for the background was to make a misty abyss with a dungeon wall to the right. If you squint really hard maybe you can see that as well.

I would say this painting is about 50% done. The painting might not be that impressive especially since its hardly done but shut up. I am sorry, I did not mean that, the painting is done because it is essentially lost. I bet it’s around somewhere, hidden among ninja turtle figures or being used as a dust cover for old out of print baseball cards in one of my drawers back home. But with the beauty and magic of photography you can view this classic painting today and at no cost to you!

I had fun painting this one, if you get a chance to watch any of the old Ray Harryhausen movies you will be in for a cinematic treat. I named this painting Stare of Doom because if you were to look upon a Medusa you would turn to stone. I never found out what kind of stone you would turn into or if you could be sold for a hefty profit at an Armenian pawn shop.

This was a fun subject to paint and one of the coolest mythological creatures in movies. If you are interested in learning more about Ray then check out his website here.
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