Morph-X 2014 Picture

Since 2014 Morph-X has a new update. Going from a bisexual shapeshifter from the planet Amazon a planet full of humanoid women. She is now a Greek mythology high school girl who went crazy for Michael Archer. To the point where it was three days before spring break, Mirage was trying out Omega Corps Make up products called Aphrodite. The make up works although there was a nasty side effects which implies her gaining shapeshifting and bathe in blood.

Morph-X would get her name after discovering the formal had X-Hprom which in reverse is Morph-X. Mirage would shapeshift into the original eight which leads in each of them distrust and they have to figure out who is Morph-X. It turns out that she kept Emma tied up because she is "Powerless" member on the team. However Emma show other wise since Morph-X was the villain she took down all on her own.

Mirage would later return working with The Professor Puppet to bring back a show called Colorful Cove. A very old 1960's tv show that was concern "nostalgic" only kidnap children and create a kingdom of dolls. Where she becomes the second Dolly. Only to be stop by Howard, The Writer, and Savannah.

Mirage would end up with Dexter, The Writer's Dark double.
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