Extrovert Picture

Throwing away his jacket, Oberion smirked and turned a one-handed handstand on the very edge of the roof.

"But you know you'd never get anywhere without me, I'm the hero of this story."

The others stared at him as his legs waved in the air until Ireyah pushed him off the edge. Unfortunately, the tree broke his fall before he could levitate back up.

* * *

This is the third of six, but naturally you can see that this is *not* a mug-shot like the other two. I wanted to try out some of the basics I'd been learning from my new anatomy book, and I think I succeeded. I also wanted to try out the tree-shading tip that Ben told me when he was painting this afternoon, so go figure
Oberion is the hyper member of the trainees, and he's also Thayliens best friend of the lot because he's a more extroverted version of our people-challenged main character. His weapon of choice is a large broad-bladed spear, which I didn't include here, and he can ride the mythical Sliepnir (eight-legged horse of the Norse mythology, ne?) which is a talent bestowed only to the highest generals of the heavenly armies... but he's had since birth. Thaylien's and Oberion's rare talents get them both into trouble, and draw them together as friends because of it ^^

Of course, he's also an idiot and lets his mouth and his fourteen year-old hormones rule his mannerisms completely.

He gets pushed off the edge a lot, in other words.
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