The Rain Blossom Picture

Rain Blossom, or Amehana.

This originally started as a doodle. In the pictures there are two views of her/my head in dragon form. The side view shows the frill at unexcited/drawn in state, frontal view shows at half-expanded (and both unblushed). Also featured are human spiritual form, spirit orb, river/water form, and storm/mist forms. Dragon side view shows at work creating a rain storm.

No, I don't know what particular species of dragon. My clan was divided between the sky and sea. I've pinpointed to the sea between China and Japan as to the general area I would be found in.

I don't think it really needed explanation, but there it is anyway.

Further breakdown, as looking at the scan some of it is a bit harder to pick out than on the original.

Central Figure: First human form wearing ceremonial storm robes, also wearing a celestial robe (these can be seen in some drawings). Don't remember much about her, except I liked rivers.

Drop in upper left: Spirit Orb, as indicated by the light trail the direction headed is downward (to earth).

Clouds: Mist/Storm form, but also the result of storm brewing.

Drops in lower right corner and breath: Process of producing the mis and rain from one's own essence.

Water in lower right: Water/River... easier to see on the original.

12x9 inch Bristol board, color pencil, pen, and crayon.

-_- In fantasy because most people think "fantasy" when they think dragon... Of course... they also think "mythology" when they think rain spirit, and this isn't really "conceptual." Hm...

edited for further expansion.
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