Medusa Portrait Picture

Wow... It sure has been a while hasn't it?

Sorry about that btw. :sweatdrop: Computer acted funny a while ago and the last time I tried uploading for you guys it didn't work out so well...

Well.. I'm back now B******! XD

Anyway , if I last remember I said I would start putting up any new pictures I did, even some school-work if I got any.

I'm doing an art project right now. Out of the three subjects chosen I picked portrait/figurative art, to be honest I don't see myself going for architecture or everyday objects although that could be interesting for any photography I might do.. XD

I started looking at Greek Mythology so I thought why not? Medusa is one of my favourite myths - mostly for the sad story but she's an interesting character overall.

Here I was basing her on before she was cursed by the Goddess Athena - Medusa being on of her priestesses devoted to her/and I based it upon her transformation into a gorgon.

I tried basing her hairstyle as a priestess from the images I've seen on the internet and ones similar to actually Greek Hairstyles, sorry if it is inaccurate but I'm proud of what I created so yeah! XD

Anyway's its good to be back!
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