Doodle Dump - Rare OCs Picture

Some OCs I'm sure you don't know.

Upper left: When I first started doodling on this page I asked my grandfather what to draw. "A groundhog eating beans," he said. So here's a groundhog eating baked beans off a plate.

Below the groundhog: Three of my vampires. You might know Alatus. You are unlikely to know Ax (he was Ax before Alexander was Ax; he's the stick figure) and Cicero (whom I've used in a journal meme).

Gauche, 74, and Zexel: From the 2011 NaNoWriMo. You've seen them around somewhere.

Nimbus, Obsidian, and Igneous: From a story I've dubbed 'Under the Angel Wings.' This is the original Nimbus that gave me inspiration for Lucifer's brother, actually. At the time I only had an angel and was all, 'He's white as a cloud...I KNOW WHAT I'LL CALL YOU.' So now you know. Also, Obsidian and Igneous are actually just friends. This wasn't a love story unless people wanted to make it out as one.

Sebastian and Chet: From 'Befriend a Vampire.' One's a magician; the other's an elf prince. They become friends of Alatus.

Nox, Leya, and Lozenzar: Basically Nox is looking for a way to save his brother and winds up (unintentionally) enlisting the help of a mythology buff (Leya) and a Truth Sayer (Lozenzar).

Random Owl: I was experimenting with Hero 108 ideas in my head an sketched an owl. PROBLEM?

November and Aria: This story doesn't have a name. Aria finds herself transported to some mysterious forest and finds a magic tombstone with the mana of the forest attached to it: November. He's very powerful, but his magic is reliant on plantlife.

Alphonse: A necromancer who wants to be good.

Abel and Eleni: Abel is a superhero (power of shapeshifting) and Eleni (power over plantlife) is his sidekick, with the goal of being the best sidekick the world has ever seen.
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