2014 Art Summary Meme Picture

I really can see, that I developed so much in this year, and I'm so much better then in the years before! But please tell me, what do You think? How much improvement can you see?

January: is a beginning of something, so Peper was born in this year. Sadly I did not dealed with him a lot, but i try to change it in the next year. Because I plan to start the story of my FT OCs!
February: My best friend asked and forced me to write something inher schools newspaper, and I was more than honored to do it. The resolution was a really sad short story and an illustration to it.
March: I was a little depressed and really into the norse mythology (like always), and i tried to figure out my own version of the story of Loki and Sigyn. And that's how this beauty of Fenrir was born.
April: I tried to get back to the Fairy Tail fandom, and draw my characters, and be a little bit more active in the fandom.
May: It was a busy month with work and my social life came back, so i didn't do so many drawings.
June: And the slack is going on! I fell in love, and all my free time besides the work was for my boyfriend.
July: This pic is the only one, that i did in the summer, because it was a prize, and i spared some free time to do that.
August: My excuse is LOVE! And school preparation...
September: I started this pic in august, but only had time to finish it in september, when school started for me again.
October: It was a busy month, i got inspiration becasue of the university and new freinds and new places.
November: Finally I could finnish this old sketch, and offically back into the Fandom!
December: This is the one I am really proud of and I can feel the joy, that i can improve! And make beautiful things.

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