And autumn draws her... Picture

"final breath."

XD another long one. And the last one I have in reserve ( T_T; I need to make more line arts...)

First: Brush credits;
I'm also trying to figure out who it was that did the tree brush, I can't remember to save my life and there was no name on the file. The brush names are 'organica' so if you see the artist tell me so i can credit them.
The moon, the stars, the snow, the tree and the leaves were done with the above brushes.

Old line art.
A week or so coloring.
36 + layers.
slightly different coloring style from usual.

I've always imagined autumn as a young lady who is clad in calm, subdued earthy colors. Since it's getting cold it feels like autumn is dieing like every year, just to come back in the next year. It kinda reminds me of persephone from greek (Roman?) mythology. How each year she has to go to the underworld and her mother brings winter upon the land untill she comes back. (I may have the wrong name, but I've read the myth too many times XD)
In any case, this is the last of my stockpiled art so regular uploads of CGs probably wouldn't happen again for a while since my book has no more line arts and I have maybe two left on my computer. XD I may see if i have more old line arts that I like.
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