Zahwa Picture

Badu has been my alter ego since 2003. She had a certain persona, and as I aged, I differed from her a lot. She is kind-hearted, timid, caring, and is very accepting of others. She's someone I'd like to be, but the real me is cynical, lazy, reckless, secretive, and generally solo. But some positive things about me is that I am intelligent, observant, humorous, and while I really don't care for most people, I still treat them as I want them to treat me. The thing that we have in common is that we are cowardly and will run away from what we fear instead of facing it.

This sphinx is what Badu looked like for about four years until I changed her to how she looks now. The more I developed her character for the story I have created surrounding her, the less she became like me. So I split her into two different personalities which got confusing.

I was looking at drawings of her old design and I really liked the colors. I decided I wanted to draw her and while I was drawing, I thought that maybe I can separate Badu and myself. It makes me feel kind of sad, but I reckon it makes more sense.

I altered her look a tiny bit to look more like me: just gave her side swooping bangs and a beauty mark which represents my monroe piercing. Of course, I did make her much cuter than me, but why wouldn't I do that!

I was wondering what I should name her and I wanted it to be Arabic. My real name means beautiful and the Arabic word for that is Gamila/Jamila but that is a name that most people recognize.

Zahwa (with an emphasis on the H) means pretty so I figured that was close enough, and it looks cool when it's written.

Not sure if this will last because it makes me feel kind of sad. I'll try it on for size though.
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