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FIRST OFF, YES THIS CONFUSED ME - TO SEE THIS YOU MUST CLICK ON "DOWNLOAD" it's on the left side. You can't just click on the picture - not sure why. Sorry for people who know that but it confused me at first. I am saving confusion in the world. Maybe until they look at the drawing......


This is almost embarrassing enough to move to scraps.

It was embarrassing enough to not upload this until now - the date says August 7, 2006.
It is now April 20th.
And I assure you that has nothing to do with the fact that I uploaded this. XD

...This is what happens when you subject an opera lover to Chobits.


Hibiya: such and such "we named her fureiya"
Me: ....That sounds familiar, what would that be without Japanese phonetic spelling...
Hibiya: such and such "her name was Eruda"
Me: ........ERDA AND FREIA OMGWTFBBQ WAGNER!?!??! *dances*

Yes. I just said omgwtfbbq Wagner. Eat that.

Anyway, I salute anyone who understands this drawing.

Oh, and to quote the great Anna Russell:

"Of course Alberich is simply furious, so he puts a terrible curse on the ring. But Wotan takes no notice, he takes the ring up, and gives it to Fasolt. And right away Fafner kills Fasolt to get the ring for himself. So Wotan knows that the curse is working. And this worries him, so he goes down to ground level to consult an old fortune teller friend of his called 'my friend Erda.' She is a green-faced torso that pops out of the ground. At least we think she's a torso because that's all anyone's seen of her. And she says to Wotan [parts of the German libretto that I am too lazy to figure out or look up] which means 'Be careful, Wotan, be careful.'
....She then bears him eight daughters."

Oh yeah, and I hate how the English subtitles say "Elda." IT IS NOT ELDA. IT IS ERDA AND THE JAPANESE HAD THE R IN THE RIGHT PLACE.
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