Lilith Picture

This is the first piece in my Goddess Series. It was done on 50lb. sketch paper with graphite and colored pencils and is of the Hebrew and Mesopotamian/Sumerian goddess Lilith.
Her wings are symbolism from her Mesopotamian myth, as are the butterflies in her hair on and her necklace. It was said she could transform into a butterfly. The apple and snake are from her Hebrew myth as it is sometimes said it was Lilith that tricked Eve into picking the apple from the tree of knowledge.

The Hebrews seen her as a dark goddess and the first wife of Adam who refused to obey her husband and was eventually banished from the Garden of Eden and who mothered many demons and monsters.

Meanwhile the Mesopotamians/Sumerians viewed her and the goddess of childbirth and protectress of babies in their first week of life. My favorite myth about her says that her husband wished her to kill her new born child, but she couldn't kill the innocent babe that she had carried in her womb for so long. So she flew off on her beautiful wings to protect the child from harm.

"Lilith, goddess of Wisdom, was fiercely independent and strong-willed -- she didn't care what anyone thought of her choices. When her husband tried to tell Lilith what she could and couldn't do, she spread her wings, rose into the sky, and flew away, refusing to return. Lilith gave birth to many children and raised them by herself, later becoming a protectress of newborn babies during their first week of life. She was also considered a goddess of the night winds, who conjured storms of all kinds."

Either way, Lilith was the first feminist and is a strong figure for all women to look up to.
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