The Tragedy of Lir Picture

Lir is the Irish version of the Celtic sea god (in Welsh he is Llyr). Being Lir/Llyr sorta sucks. He gets married, has three kids, then his wife dies. So he remarries, but his new wife Oifa is really horrible and jealous of his first wife, so she turnes his kids into swans for nine hundred years. The wife is therefore cursed to be an air demon for all eternity, because she figured she would hate it. The kids die as soon as they turn back into people.

For the Welsh version, Llyr, he has three other children. His daughter Branwen marries the Irish king and is abused, so her brother Bran, who's a giant crow-god person, king of Britain, attacks, but the Irish use zombies for a while, so everyone dies except for five pregnant Irish women and seven British, including Branwen and her other brother Manawyddan (Irish Manannan, sea god of Isle of Man) but not Bran. Branwen dies later.

Lir/Llyr later became the inspiration for King Leir/Lear, and all his children died too.

Anyhow, this is the background for the painting of the three surviving immortal members of Lir's family: Lir in the ocean, Manannan on the Isle of Man, and Oifa the air demon wife. All in their own separate miserable realms.

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Acrylic on cardboard (I'm a college student...). I might improve on it at some point.
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