Arael, Matriel, and Zeruel Picture

I had kind of this vague idea of a story using angellic and demonic figures in modern time. They would have their supernatural form, but this would be more about their dealings on earth in the guise of mortals. It would account for their different encounters with other mortals and eachother, assignments they would be on for their respective powers, and other such events. Eventually it would come down to the End Times scenario, but that would be at the very end and I'd like the story to go on for a good length of time before it even touched on that subject. I also did a previous sketch with the Behemoth and the Leviathan as characters. [link] This whole story would remain within the confines of certain religions and mythologies, namely Christianity, Judaism, possibly Islam, Christian and Jewish mythology/folklore, possibly Gnosticism, and probably some other similar ones. I could definitely see connections between these and those like Norse and Greek mythology, but that would make things way too complicated. I've already got enough on my plate as is sorting out all these different angels, demons, and in-betweens.

Anyway, these are some sketches and notes I made about three angels: Arael, Matriel, and Zeruel. These angels aren't in the canon of the Bible that most are aquainted with. They come from different sources like the Book of Enoch, Jewish folklore, and the like. Personally I don't even believe in these angels, but that doesn't mean I don't think they'd make good characters in this story. Besides, this would be a work of fiction anyway, and there are only a few angels mentioned by name in the Bible. If I wanted more angellic main characters I'd have to make up some anyway so why not use ones that have been written about in historical texts?

As I was saying, these are three angellic characters of many that I'd like to use in the story. I was just jotting down notes and sketching a little, trying to think of what they'd look like in their supernatural form anyway. Arael called "the angel of birds" so I figured he'd have many many wings, which isn't too odd because of some of the strange heavenly figures mentioned in the Bible like the Four Living Creatures. Anyway, he'd also have a halo that resembled bird feathers, specifically peacock feathers which look like eyes and this would reflect on the meaning of his name, that being "Vision of God". I also thought a staff with perches for birds would be a nice touch.

Matriel is one of the five, I think, "angels of rain". So I thought that he should constantly be crying a steady stream of tears and that his wings would be wet with glistening droplets of water that would drip from his feathers. Also water-colored beads in his hair would be good along with a halo made of what resembles water droplets.

For Zeruel, he is known as "the angel of power" and his name means "Arm of God" and hearing that I knew he'd have to have a large, supernatural arm of some sort. To emphasize his one arm, I recalled this character from Final Fantasy X called Auron who kept one of his arms kind of tucked into his robe. I've never played any of the Final Fantasy games, but I remembered what this guy looked like and I thought that I could use that for Zeruel.

There's still a lot to learn about all these different angels and demons. I've been doing mainly a lot of Wikipedia and a few other sources here and there. I'm just trying to sort them all out and figure out which ones I'd actually like to use. I've also been refering to Evangelion some (which is where I originally found out about these three actually) and
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