Egyptian God Picture

Pencil and Felt Micron Pens. This is the last good drawing I can find from Highschool definitely during my senior year or 03. My friend :carriegirl: as the goddess of life and death.
She kinda had an interest in egyptian stuff, which gave me the idea for this, it was fun to draw.

Another picture I'm still proud of today despite the nigling flaws like the yawn inducing pose I probably used a billion times in countless pictures and the complete lack of any dynamic motion or anything. Even on paper the lines are crisp and confident (this scan has no editing yet) The terrific details are great because the figure isn't wildly out of proportion, and they actualy enhance the volume and modeling of the figure instead of flattening it out.

At least in my eyes, this was one of the first drawings where that funny jaw line I used looks intentional and confident and stylish instead of just odd. I was probably imitating IanJ of RPG world fame or GD Kun of Our Home Planet.

Sword was inspired by Nightmare from the Soul series of fighting games, skirt and left arm adornments inspired by the pretty paterns on mexican rugs and pots, ribbons and bandages because... every anime character has bandages and hair ribbons, and little Hermes wings on the boots and head band cause I like greek mythology.

Wow this post is like a blog or somthing. Is going on and on and on, but at least I end my posts for today on a high note, tomorrow i'll post pictures of my artistic spiral into oblivion, yes they get worse, much worse.
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