The Ladies of Hades Picture

If there's one thing I always liked about Hades and Persephone, it's that Hades was actually pretty faithful to her. While there is the story of Minthe, that is often seen as "almost" affair instead of an actual affair as Persephone took action quite early and turned her into a plant before Hades actually did anything. And like many stories, whether anything really happened depends on which version you go with. But anyway, onto who these lovely ladies are.
The first is Leuke, who in my story dealing with the Titanomachy in which the original six Olympians are warring with their father Cronos for pretty much control of the world, is Hades's first love. Unlike his brothers, who move from one sexual conquest to the next, Hades is more discerning with who he chooses to love and trust. His relationship with Leuke is rather sweet and loving and does go on for quite a while during the story. Like him, she is rather reserved, but also more open and willing to be around other people. She is compassionate and understanding, and knows when it is words or comforting silence that is needed. Hades would sacrifice much to protect her and even has plans to make her his wife when the war is over. However, those dreams are crushed when she is killed. And thus, Hades has an even stronger reason to fight than before. Her memory continues to linger with him for many years afterward.
You know those relationships that we look back on and wonder "Wait, I'm a fairly smart person. Why the hell did I go out with him/her? What was I thinking?". Okay, maybe I've never asked myself that as I've never dated, but still, those sorts of relationships definitely happen. That is Minthe to Hades. She's that relationship Hades most often tries to forget ever happened. She appears in my story Spring and Shadow, which is my spin on the Hades and Persephone myth. In my version, she's sort of an ex-girlfriend of Hades, one of the few times he allowed himself to have a relationship. However, she turned out to be a bit of a manipulative nightmare. Hades admits it was one of the few times he thought with his cock instead of his head. He still questions what he ever saw in her sometimes, especially since she still shows up in his life from time to time until Persephone turns her into a plant (still figuring out how to play that out in the story).
And finally, the girl that finally got the God of the Underworld, Persephone/Kore. Given the name Persephone at birth by the Fates, but called Kore by her mother, Demeter, Persephone has lived her entire life under her mother's overbearingly watchful eye. Wanting to become more independent (and also to prove she's more than a child to a certain god of the underworld who she had the misfortune to try and strike up a conversation with), Persephone leaves home to establish a following amongst mortals. A few years later, she returns, much to her mother's relief. And it is then that she catches the eye of Hades, who sees her now as a woman and falls for her. And thus their story of him kidnapping her and making her his queen of the Underworld begins.

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