Now and Then With Dunwell Picture

Original pics: [link] [link]

Inspired by the Then and Now memes that some of my friends have done: [link] [link] [link]
A) It's Now and Then for me cos there is no base image and I thought this looked cooler! (..not just cos I found the old picture was really tiny..)
B) This is NOT a general improvement pic like the originals, its a 'redesign that long-forgotten character' pic. I will eventually do a real Then and Now where I redraw an old comic panel as soon as I can decide on one.

WELL, there's not all that much improvement here. If I'd chosen a character I drew earlier in that year I could show a more dramatic difference in style- around the time I started colouring pics was when my people began to look more like people XD Still, the original is UGH.
That's meant to be a 'running off to work quickly, accidentely scattering papers' pose but instead it looks like he's sliding on a floor greased with butter. And also he is made of cardboard and sticks. Somehow I managed to make something that looks like one of those flash animations pieced together out of body part sections without ever touching flash..
AND ALSO: dull surprise. Look at the total vagueness of that expression. Dude at least needed some eyebrows..
AND ALSO: his upper leg is like as long as his foot because his knees seem to have crept up like ninjas...
And I'm gonna stop there because its depressing to think I ever felt proud of that drawing XD If anyone can spot MORE FAIL, feel free to comment XD

As for the redesign:
First things first was the utter lack of his personality showing through in the previous design. This character is eccentric, hyperactive and inherantly ridiculous in all his activities, even when he's trying to be smart or sauve. (because he really isn't) So I started off by throwing out the standard body shape of boredom and designing something that makes all his poses silly: fat arse ballerina legs. I THINK IT WORKS
This pose is just like "You should take me seriously cos I'm serious" "NO WE DON'T BELIEVE YOU"
Next I tried to make his design less 'ordinary boring human' and more 'eccentric creature cosplaying as human' by pretty much doubling stuff. GIANT HAT! Fuzzy mess of minty hair! Hugeass dramatic scarf that blows in the nonexistant wind! (boy do I love those) I also changed stuff a little to fit my initial vision that his fashion sense froze in olden times but he has no concept of what goes together- hence a childish poofy newsboy cap along with a buttoned shirt and jacket over his belly invoking 'corporate fatcat' stereotypes. I did wonder about maybe adding something more obvious and ridiculous like a pocketwatch tail but figured it would be odd and distracting since he already has the scarf tails billowing around. (Also pocketwatches have nothing to do with him XD I should keep that idea for someone else..)
Finally I just messed around and refined the colourscheme until I was a bit happier. I definately think he'd pick a pink scarf instead! xD And his blue witchy shoes stand out well to kinda hint he's a guy who spends most of his time sprinting around like a lunatic.

If anybody has an old character of mine that they'd like to see revived and un-crapped like this, please comment! Or if you wanna see more of Dunwell~ I think this went better than expected and maybe I might wanna do more with him..
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