Working Towards Acceptance 1 Picture

This is the first couple of pictures of my final project. I had to rushrushrush and make this from the ground up in two weeks, before I left for NCECA in Tampa.

Two weeks to make something life-size. How, you ask? Very little sleep. Hahaha. >_> A smarter version of me would've made this one smaller.. but I really like working big. And with six hands. Guh. Needless to say, there isn't quite as much detail on this one as with Self-Denial: no fingernails, for instance. But its still actually constructed way better than my first large-scale figurative, which surprised me.

This is all bone dry in its greenware stage, being loaded into the kiln. I documented it incase I never saw it again with all its parts. D:

As you can sort of tell.. the brick wall behind the sculpture is basically the same size as the sculpture. The brick wall is the DOOR of the kiln. So yeah.. it fit into the largest kiln we had with about 1/4" to spare. Talk about cutting it close!

This picture was taken on.. Apr 3? Yes, that sounds about right. It was less than a week before this was going into a gallery show that it had to be glazed for. It was definatrly tight, with NO room for error.
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