Shoshan Madu Picture

Madu gets cuter and cuter each time I draw him. This is Badu and Dakarai's son, their second child. His name means "Lotus of the People". Some different things I did with him: His spots changed. They're still mostly on his back and are more circular, but I gave him adorable freckles and extended the stripe on his back towards the bridge of his nose. I voided the spots on his tail and gave him more bands around the end of it.

His personality is that of a little boy, even towards adulthood. He's kind of like my current boyfriend, not taking things seriously and loves to tease and annoy and cleverness to make it even more effective. Despite his precocious attitude, he does become an important figure and assumes responsibility.

I was messing with his eye color. I started to give him dichromatic eyes, one brown and one blue, but his dark brown eyes were too cute. I made his left eye partially blue though to have eyes somewhat like his father.
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