Samurai Study Picture

I was running a Legend of the Five Rings game, and had a story arc for my Witch-hunter player called 'The Jade Eater'. Those of you familiar with the mythology of that world will understand how bad that is, but the rest: Demons and undead in that world are repulsed by Jade, which originally fell to earth as Amaterasu wept, so it's a stone that has purity and wards off evil--except for this fellow. A sad circumstance made him eat it for power, and he could give you the Shadowlands taint with his rotting jade katana...

Yanagi-San, while encountering the Jade eater in a later game and a different game group got cornered by him. He could smell the Jade on her. "Give me the Jaaade..."

"Shosuro" Yanagi, Shugenja of the Scorpion Clan craps a brick barbecue and replies "O-okay! here! now go away!"

She didn't know the other members of her magistrate group had nearly beaten him with crystals and fire, causing him to flee, where he found her. The Jade eater's wounds began to close....

I stared at pictures of samurai armor for eight hours to figure only this little bit out.
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