No Words Picture

This happened because my sister and I were talking about Percy Jackson. She asked me which god/godess I would want to be the child of and I told her Hades because he's freaking badass, but I also told her that I would want to be his mistress because being his child would be no fun I would never get to see that sexyness. She promptly told me I was an idiot... So then I listed all of the benefits of living in hell with Hades. One of those happened to be Cerberus (one of my fav mythological figures). I told her I could play fetch with him and take him on walks and best of all ride him into battle shouting "RIDE FORTH FOR OLYMPUS!" (which yes I spelled incorrectly in my haste to draw this). So after all that I just had to draw that image for her XD poor Cerberus, two of his heads are like WFT the other is like "I has a ball!"

Don't judge me too much after this XD

Artwork (C) me
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