Nirvana Picture

Made using:

Adobe Photoshop CS2 (huge file size: 2500 x 2500 pixels)

I created this from the baseline of "Mandala," which can be found in my scraps. [link] I really hope you like this one, because it took so long for me to work out the complicated layering of the vector shapes and then overlay the tiled and blurred strokes found radiating from the center. On that note, Nirvana's [link] explicit meaning in Sanskrit is one of "extinguishment" or literally "the ceasing of the candle to flicker." This vision of extinguishing is accentuated by the gradient and radial blurring as images of the figures that can be perceived in "Mandala" being blown away, as a candle suddenly being blown out, uniting all things in the collective unconsciousness of the universe as one.

P.S. This is the counterpart to "Enlightenment," [link] made as no small joke. If you wish to read into it extensively, the eight figures in "Enlightenment" could be imagined as the spokes around the dharmic wheel, the precepts of The Eighthfold Path [link] in Buddhism.

P.P.S. Chakra is also an interesting facet of the equation toward this eventual state and feeling (or un-feeling/state of nothingness, if you'd prefer). The ten figures on this and the "Mandala" scrap loosely symbolize the sometimes recognized ten pools of chakra (often limited to seven) that are also consistent with the ten points (or stages) that exist in the Judeo-Christian [link] and Kabbalistic [link] Tree(s) of Life. This concept of such a tree is also consistent with the Norse mythological Yggdrasil [link] or "World Tree:"

If you're interested in any of this still, you can note me about it if you like.
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