Ora's Human form Picture

Well this character belongs to miss princess-kraehe [link] and if I knew how to link properly then I would.... Yeah I feel like a noob sometimes. I really liked her idea for a princess tutu sequel and (im)patiently wait for it to come. Until then here's a fanart of Ora, Ahiru's daughter

This took me less than 30 minutes total. kraehe san was kind enough to give me a reference picture to start with. I took some creative liberties with Ora's clothes. Her posture made her seem less clumsy than Ahiru, so I figured she would be trendy as well. I didn't want to put her in poofy pants that her mother wore. If you're wondering about the scissors it's her art.

Everyone has dancing, so I wanted to give her painting- but Fario had drawing, then I decided music...it was Taken by Uzura. Then I decided she could do sewing or weaving. I think weaving would be better, it's would be like the three fates in greek mythology

...but of course I'm reading too much into this seeing as how Ora's human form appears for a short time. I hope you like it miss kraehe!
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