Who am I? Picture

In some ways, one might call this a self-portrait. The animals and other symbols are representations of something that makes me who I am. The T.rex represents my love of prehistoric life, with the Komodo Dragon representing modern animal life. The Spartan shield (not the best weapon I've ever drawn, but it'll do) represents my respect and admiration to all the warriors throughout history. The Japanese symbol, which I hope means what I think it means, represent my own code of honor, one that I always do my best to live by. The strange looking snake is actually something I drew, an alien serpent, that represent my thirst to understand the unknown. The badly drawn Matrix of Leadership represent my hopes to one day become a great person, whether that is as a leader, or something else entirely. Lastly, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon represents my love for mythology and fantasy, something a bit unusual perhaps since I consider myself a scientist. The figure in the center is a drawing of my alter-ego, Raptor Rex, a great and courageous warrior, who wields a sword of great power. Believe it or not, he was possibly the hardest thing to draw, due to the fact that I can't draw people very well.
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