Spectral Beach Animatic Picture

This little animation I made for my color class. I only had about five days to get the principal animation down, and on top of my other end-of-the-quarter class loads, let us simply say that it was not very fun. After previewing the unfinished animation before my class at the prof’s request, all of them said they liked the fact that the Wolf figure is a see through outline. He was originally going to be Walks Horizons, but I didn’t honestly have time to fill him in with color, and the prof liked it that way, so.
The story still kind of assumes its Walks Horizons, though. The idea is that the little ghost on the beach is the spirit of a shipwrecked sailor unable to move to the other side. The Wolf in many mythologies is seen as one who can move between the worlds and sometimes helps spirits like this one move on. Walks Horizons, a wolf god who specializes in this kind of thing moves in to help the little guy.

I’m honestly not very happy with how this turned out, but I just didn’t have the time to make it nicer >< I’m going to redo this scene eventually with anatomy and perspective in mind! On the upside, I did learn a lot in the making of this, so that’s definitely a plus!
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