The Man With The Golden Torc - Cygnusapien Picture

This is a series of initial sketches for my design of the cygnusapien, a mythological half-man, half-swan creature which is meant to exist in the same universe as Simon R. Green's "Secret History" novel series.

This is for the second part of my in-course assignment (ICA) in Perspective & Figure Drawing, in which students must design six existing characters from a novel (while strictly following their original character descriptions) and draw them all in one scripted action scene.

Just like with The Last Immortal from "The Man with the Golden Torc," I was given more freedom of choice with this character than with others as it only had one guideline (i.e. "a part-man, part-animal creature with wings attached to its arms).

I wanted to be as original as possible with this character, so I decided to approach something that hasn't been drawn very often, a humanoid swan creature.

I also gave this creature human-like eyes to allow it to express human emotion more easily.
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