Foreigner Picture

"Foreigner" Fractal Art
Created 11-25-2010 By Dana Haynes
Musian Artisan Dedication: Foreigner

I couldn't pick ONE Foreigner Song so...JukeBox Hero, Hot Blooded, Head Games,Urgent
Everyone, seems to see different things in fractal art. They are kinda like little ink blotter test to me. Abstract art always is subjective. So, I've taken to adding & popping things out of simple fractals, playing with the imagination. The little "bug" as I like to call it at the base of a fractal blow up remids me of a kinda "alien" type figure. So I played around with it in this piece. The figure is locking into things, others don't normally look at. So it represents, a sort of foreign territory not typically looked at or seen by others. DaVinci did things like this in his day: Where others would not do something based on tabboos, mythology & cultural norms. They painted in tempra, he did oil. It wasn't a standard until he did it. DaVici was more then willing to stick his head into the dark to find an answer or solve a problem. Most aren't aware, he cut up dead bodies to understand the anantomy of the human body to draw it. But he had a reason behind doing it as well. It wasn't just for arts sake. He was searching for answers about what was causing the plaque. His willingness to go where angels fear to tread is exactly what the solved the mystery of the plaque. The figure in the piece peering into a dark lake represents this. I'm not saying artist need to all go cut up bodies to do art--- but be willing to explore things in depth others don't or won't due to fear of what others would think of them. The white in the fractal represents societies coldness towards individuals who do.

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