Young Harpy Progression Picture

This is a quick sketch of an idea that I had. I know my last drawing of a Techno-Harpy had a darker feel to it that folowed the mythology of the Harpies being destoyers. I don't want to follow that mythos perse. I figure that I'm already using non-traditional wings, why not go for a revamp of the Harpy Mythos altogether? I'm planning a series of drawings that will depict different aspects of the Kettle Harpies. This first one will be a young female harpy. Tell me what you all think, please.

[edit]Alright, I couldn't sleep last night, and kept working on this thing. These show how it progressed at each stage that I said i was finished. I still consider this a mock-up of what the real drawing will look like. I will probably end up not doing a city-scape background, and if I do a city-scape it'll be much better. I actually started the real thing this morning and it's looking pretty good. I'd still like to hear everyones thoughts on the idea. Should I ink parts of it or should it streight-up graphie?[/edit]

Used "039" by UrielStock as a refrence: [link]
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