Transformers OC : Meteora Picture

Usually The Fiction I write are Heavily inspired by Songs I Listen To. And as a person who is Very interested in Mythology, This makes one big example.

Part from My Fic

"Walking Up to Meteor Storm(Meteora for short), Line Runner Points His Blades Towards Meteora's Left Chest.
Meteora does nothing to slow Line Runner down.
With The Slicers on his blades turned on, Line Runner Starts drawing a symbol on Meteor Storm
"Clavicula Nox..."
Looking Down, Line Runner Shuts His Slicer off.

"...Don't worry about dieing now"


"They Won't know"

Pointing his slicer towards his spark, Line Runner Commits Suicide. Joining the Rest of his inanimate Comrades."

Song Clavicula Nox by Therion [link]



Meteora(Meteor Storm) is My Original Transformers Character Along with Line Runner, Any similarities to other transformers characters are Pure Coincidence.

Kinda Like How I came up with a character named Drift before Hasbro did( early 2006), But I know many other people have too earlier

I was told numerous times by My friends to liscense the names, But I have 77 Original transformers Characters along with numerous other figures
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