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Age: 18
Birthday: October 15
Sign: Libra
Birthplace: Gramado, Brasil
Gender: female
Hair: wavy blonde
Eyes: Blue
Skin: bright
Height: 1,70 m / 5’ 7”
Weight: 58 Kg / 128lb
Measurements: 92-64-90 / 36-25-35
Blood: O
Favorite food: strawberries
Favorite music: Nightwish, Epica
Favourite color: green
Likes: the nature, the mystical, the esoteric, cats (beautiful, mysterious creatures)
Does not like: heat, scandal, aggression and closed or retrograde-mind, intolerant people
Character: kind, gentle, sensitive, understanding
"I" she'd use in Japanese: watashi
Sport: tennis
Physical Build: rather heavy-set with nice, even figure
Personal history: she is Kailan's best friend, helps her finding her grandfather in the astral plane, due to her knowledge on the subject
Origin of the name: Astrid is my favorite Norse name; it did not even seem a human name to me, but almost mythological, as a Valkyrie’s or something. Enqvist is the surname of a former Swedish tennis player named Thomas. The "qvist" ending is very Swedish.
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