OC-a-Day: Jikininki Picture

(Okay, this isn't 100% original since most fantasy and myth enthusiasts will immediately recognize the name. This is based off of the jikininki in Buddhist mythology. I figure I'd try my take on it. Here's a [link] if you're lazy.)

Jikininki is an eldritch horror that has no permanent residence. Rather, it travels from graveyard to graveyard to seek out any fresh corpses for it to feast on. Jikininki was spawned from the disrespect caused by the neglect of the deceased.

Jikininki is quite powerful, and it can utilize extremely potent ectomancy (spirit magic). However, the power comes with a severe drawback. Jikininki can't maintain a permanent corporeal state, but the corpses that it feeds off of provide a temporary solution.

The only thing Jikininki really knows is hunger. It cannot practice restraint because if it goes too long without sustenance, it will no longer be able to interact with the physical world. Jikininki can even go so far as to pilfer morgues to receive nourishment. Jikininki can't consume those who have died too recently because a fresh corpse leaves a bitter taste to Jikininki. It may be that the soul and the body have not completely separated, and the Jikininki can only tolerate the corporeal.

EDIT (6-09-09): Okay, wow, why the hell is this the first image result on Google? This one's better: [link])
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