La Hire Picture

There's a little bit of a story behind this deviation.

I work at a board game company and we're making a game that required a cool deck of cards. We decided to go with an aged, woodcut look that followed in the footsteps of the French card artist Rouen. I lucked out and got to do the card art for all of the face cards. They were all based on historical/mythological figures, but aside from giving them appropriate costumes, I was pretty much at my leisure to make their faces look however I liked.

And so I fashioned the Jack of Hearts after ol' Dr. House. It's subtle, I know. But perhaps people who are familiar with my House Art will recognize the resemblance. Perhaps not. Sharp-eyed observers will notice that he has a cane of sorts, too.
Being the good daughter that I am, I modeled one of the queens after my mom.
And just FYI, this is not the finished card. Obviously the suit and rank are missing, as well as the cool background texture. But I'll let you all know when the game gets released...because I just know you'll all want to race out and buy it.
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