Seppuku: King of Hell Picture

Here's a concept I've thought of a while ago. A Japanese death metal band called Seppuku. When the Operation Graphite theme was Heavy Metal Album Cover, I thought I would revisit my idea for the band, Seppuku.

I was informed by my [Japanese] girlfriend that, no one in Japan would ever name their band that. It either being in appropriate, or just not what the Japanese would choose to name a band. She admitted, that using American or European rules, it would make sense. Whether a criticism, or just a statement of fact, she said that it was a name that an American would use to imagine a Japanese death metal band.

As that is exactly what this situation was, I could not argue. Though I did want to create an idea that could have been a real Japanese band. I even delved into some Japanese Mythology in my, misguided American, attempt to be accurate. The center figure with the hat is Enma, the judge of the Japanese concept of hell. Enma is the Japanese version of Yama, of the Hindu / Buddhist faiths.
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