Snot nosed punk Picture

It's done! Whooo!!

All in all I think this took . . . 4 hours? Yeah, something like that. It started out as *Misha-Misha-chan's kiriban, but . . . it died. D: I'm sorry!

So, her name is Kaos. Kaos, in Greek mythology, was the first God. She exists in the same story setting as Demeter and Danny. (That picture died with my old computer. >~< So unfair.)

Her right/your left eye is a tattoo. 8D In ze story (which is being outlined, by the way--I plan on posting it here once I get all the crap figured out. I'm having a lot of fun with it already) she was involved in a hugely epic battle and as a result her eye was stolen from her. The tattoo was Demeter's idea, and is a symbolic method of adding order to the warring forces in the form of permanency.

A note: Kaos is technically genderless. She is a reflection of current physical state and a very good way to make this thing more readable. xD

Texture used: Lunch -t by =Ayelie-stock.

Made in Adobe Photoshop CS2 with Wacom Graphire4 tablet.
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