Electria, Goddess of Electricity. Picture

This is a chick I designed for my Illustration I class. The goal was to read a script and create one if the characters.

I chose Electria from Music of the Goddess. It's supposed to be based in the 1920's. Electria is a "new age" Greek Goddess, along w/ another "new age" god named Glitch, the trickster Technology God.

So my objective was to come up w/ a character design that combined Greek mythology and 1920's attire.

We were also supposed to create an item for the character, one uniquely for them. The thing she's holding is a cigarette holder that also acts as a lightning rod.

I'm going to upload more drawings in this "Drawing for Graphics" style of art. It's really taught me the figure and it just looks better. All my other stuff is crap compared to this.

Also, it's 1:00 in the morning and I don't feel like turning on the scanner, so it's not scanned; this is a picture from my phone. I'll replace it one I scan it.
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