Lycaon Picture

Alternative title: lots of noses xD
This pretty much sums up how I've been feeling lately. I just end up from one miserable situation in the next it seems. I'm really worried about my grades right now as I fear I failed everything, I ended up in the ER for an accidental intoxication past Tuesday, my neck locked up entirely in the mother of all neck cramps several hours later so that I couldn't even move my head into any direction or even tie my shoelaces or chew too hard, and suddenly one of my teeth got inflamed too right from out of nowhere without anything out of the ordinary or leading up to it at all (it's not damaged in any way). It was just "wham, sudden agony!" from one hour to the next. D:<
I'm pretty darn pissed overall.

Freehand ink drawing from my sketchbook; no sketching or reference used. I wanted to see how well I remembered snarly faces from memory. There are some Obvious errors, but I'm happy with the overall result.

Lycaon is a mythological figure who got cursed into the form of a wolf after serving human flesh to Zeus. The name of the condition "Lycanthrophy" also is based on this myth. People being cursed into the form of a wolf goes way back, and can even be found in Mesopotamian mythology.

Took a picture again, and now there's an annoying shadow in the right corner. :I Oh well, at least the picture was sharp enough this time. It's monocrhomatic anyway, so it doesn't matter much.

Staedtler ink pen size 0.1 and Rötring Tikki graphic size 0.2 on A5 paper.
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