Fain waterside kneel pause Picture

This is Faine, the prince of the werewolves in his human form and a new character that inspired the creation of and therefore the continuation of the Swordcaller saga into its fourth and final instalment 'Waning Crescent'. 'A werewolf with wings?' you ask? 'Why the hell not?' I respond. I have constructed a family tree to show that Faine is a throw-back to his Eagoleon (a winged-being race in the Swordcaller world) great grandfather and my genetic-mixed-with-fantasy reasoning is for this; Faine is the first pure mythological race offspring since his great grandfather, Zerati crossed bloodlines with a human girl many years before (She married a human, had a human son who would be carrying the 'Eagoleon wing' gene. This child is commonly known as Zorac (100% human) from the Swordcaller sagas and he married a full blooded werewolf (50% human, 50% wolf), they bore a surviving son Orion who is introduced in the second Swordcallers novel (75% human, 25%wolf). Being 3/4 human with a bit of wolf Orion was able to change willingly into his mother's ancestral form. He then coupled with a wolfwere (75% wolf, 25% human) and together they produced a full blooded werewolf son (50%human, 50%wolf). The mythological races in the Swordcaller world include: werewolves, satyrs, centaurs, merperople, Eagoleon - pretty much races of legend. With Faine being the first of this full-bloods in about four generations, the Eagoleon element that had remained dormant and passed along the human line has re-emerged. This obviously puts Faine's ascent into the alpha position into disaster and his parents Orion and Bay must figure out how to adapt their dependance on his fixing the fissure that exists in the clan with this sudden dilemma.
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