Jasper Picture

A couple years ago I began a story based off a dream (like many of my stories are). It was based on a dragon fight in a mountainous region in the middle of a snowstorm.

Thinking it was pretty cool...and the characters with it, I started to write it out. I didn't get nearly as far as I would have liked, but I did get a pretty impressive start on it.

Thus the SCI FI/FANTASY "Seraphim and Onxy" was born.

It is a story that revolves around two furries...Now I'm not normally a furry type person...don't write them and don't draw them too often. But being that I didn't want this to be a story about HUMAN dragon riders, I needed to do something different.

So my main characters are both Hevlins...a member of the Rodelaria family (think of like otters or weasels). The antagonists in the story are a "cousin" to the hevlins, Taymin.

Anyway...now that I've rambled on about unrelated things...this is Jasper. He is THE main character of the story, well him and his partner...you may get to meet her another time, when I'm so inclined to draw her, she's more difficult so it may be a while.

Jasper is a Rider, one of the guardians of the "Razor" a territory of free species butted up against the sharp mountains for which the citadel is named. Don't let the fact that he looks humongous fool you. He is actually only about Four-Foot Eleven or so, and hevlins are one of the smallest species sharing the Razor as a home.

I'm hoping that this will be a small part of a larger picture...because they're are four main characters to the story.

One of the "Fantasy" aspects of this story is taking mythological creatures and recreating them in such a way that they do not look traditional. Even their names have been toyed with so as to relate them but not use traditional titles.

If I ever nail down the main plot of the story, you will get the opportunity to me Tauramins, Centrana, and Oonicorns. I'm sure you can figure out the root mythological creature for each of those, but their appearance will probably not match in the slightest what it normally brings to mind.
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