John Lunacy doodles Picture

I drew this some time ago in my Norse Mythology class out of boredom. I remember it was Norse Mythology because I showed it to Luce (with whom I have that class) and explained it all to her after I drew it. They're characters from a novel I wanted to write, about post-punk musicians in a nutty subculture, and it was a cross between Current 93/Throbbing Gristle/Legendary Pink Dots/all those guys and Vincent van Gogh. John Lunacy's the main guy; he's got this insane semi-love triangle with Jay Anarchy and David Pitcairn. (I actually typed "David Tibet" at first and then realized, "Oh, wait, that's the real person I was semi-ripping off of.")

The semi-insane love triangle is as follows: John's been with Jay for a very long time, but he's now beginning to get cynical about humanity and thinks that Jay is an idiot of a human and that David is the paragon of purity and kindness and wonderfulness and he's the only human worth anything. Which is a delusion; David's a decent person, but he's not as wonderful as thought. And he has no idea how John feels, and Jay can't figure out why John's been drawing away from him. All of this is implied in the story, with none of it said directly. The "official" story is that John and Jay have been best friends for a very long time and John's all cynical and "David Pitcairn oh my god best person ever much better than you Jay and every other human on this planet". Yeps.

Actually, no, it's not a love triangle. It's a love square. John's got a girlfriend named Braiden (who's a total ripoff of someone I slightly know who would probably fit in well with their subculture). There's no detail in the story as to how they came to be together, and...I don't actually know, but I'm kind of assuming Braiden asked him out because he's not particularly into her. And there's a lot of tension on their relationship and...I won't spoil it.
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