Ouryu Picture

The fifth and final piece based of the Chinese constellation.
This is Ouryu, the Yellow Dragon of the Center
used paper, markers and ink for Genbu while the background is acrylic on heavy paper.

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Ok so I figured i should give a little bit of background info and for each one of these (im a bit lazy so ill update the other 4 later)

Ouryu was probably the second most challenging one to work on next to Byakko due to what it was suppose to be in the lore.
In the lore the yellow dragon of the center is just a hornless yellow dragon, similar to Seiryu. While i understand that the dragon in Chinese mythos is very important and is considered to be the mightiest of all the mythical creatures (almost to the point of god status) i really did not want to draw a second dragon. The challenge then was to find an animal within eastern mythology (trying to keep it within Japanese and Chinese mythology) that had the same amount of "divine" presence as a dragon but was not actually a dragon. So with that in mind, i decided to go with a beast that was of a higher ranking than that of a dragon in Japanese mythology but could also be considered a variation of a dragon, the Kirin. For those of you not familiar with what a Kirin is, a Kirin is a hooved beast that has scales and draco features but is shaped like a deer/horse/ or giraffe. It is also known as the Chinese/Japanese Unicorn but if u really do research on it its far from being related to a western unicorn. Because of how divine and majestic Kirins are, i figured it would be an appropriate substitute for a dragon.
For coloring i wanted to add more gold than yellow but since it is the "yellow dragon" i went with a golden yellow for the body and straight up gold for the flames. the silver cross looking thing on its chest is actually suppose to be a compass that also represents the other 4 and what direction they represent (Blue for Seiryu, Black for Genbu, White for Byakko, Red for Suzaku, and of course Yellow for itself) both the silver and the gold (thats not filler) were colored in with special gold leaf markers. figured i'd give this piece a bit of special treatment considering it is the most powerful of the five.
For the background i was going to kind of draw influence from the
Limbourg Brothers (famous french manuscript artist) and depict a heavenly background that starts as a blue sky and clouds of the forground, but as u go up it turns into a spacy background with stars and constellations. considering though that was too western of an idea though and the fact that im not religious at all, i decided just to go with a full on cosmic background. I also love astrology and think its probably more stunning than any heaven i could draw so screw it why no.
also if u were wondering what was up with the blue/green orb in between its horns, thats the earth. its there because the element of the yellow dragon is earth, and with the background it (to me at least) gives off the impression that the earth is in space and that Ouryu is its guardian.
P.S. Also if u know about constellations in the background i had a little fun and painted the constellation associated with my zodiac sign (cause why not)

Edit: ok so i noticed that their was some random ass line draw across and that the top part of the pic was cut so i re-scanned it. my scanner is actually too small so now the bottom has been trimmed off but its more important to see the top rather than the bottom. also the line is gone and it actually looks less foggy

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