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While thinking about this story, I figured that the ending would be a "walk into the sunset" kind of deal. Air Raid Robertson and Ridley would keep conversing about the foibles of their personal lives and I would end things on a conversational note. I think that ending would've been perfectly fine, but it didn't have much gusto.

I then began contemplating about how this story also has a sort of "day in the life" structure. It then occurred to me that I could finish things by having the two get called out for yet another assignment. I've been rereading Edith Hamilton's Mythology lately, so I had the Sphinx on my mind at the time. She seemed like a visually interesting thing to stick on the last page.

The visual for the Sphinx was largely derived from the famous Gustave Moreau painting. However, I also took pieces from the line drawing by Steele Savage that appears in my copy of Mythology.

Since this is the last page of a storyline, I'm going to make some acknowledgements. First, I'd like to thank Latisha for watching those kaiju movies with me. Our mid-movie conversations inspired a number of the lines in this story.

I'd also like to thank my publisher Dallas. This story, as well as "Welcome to the Jungle", is going to be collected in a print edition thanks to him. This probably won't allow me to quit my day job, but it's a step in a direction I want to go in.

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