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Known Family: Ella Pawman (Great-Grandmother), Jaycee Pawman (Cousin)
Friends: Ella Pawman, Jaycee Pawman (co-worker), Wayne Gates (JPS co-worker, barely a "friend"), Katrina Tentious (former sidekick)

Cartoon Classification: Superbeing Cartoon -> Stick Figure/Anthropomorphic Animal Hybrid (Domestic Cat)

As of now, next to nothing is known about her non-superhero identity. Cat Canada was formerly assigned to protect the city of Canvasville, along with her former sidekick (Katrina, a tea cup with psychic powers, wore a red mask and was known as "Maple Leaf" in uniform). Both of them argued so much that they never got much done, and the Canvasville mayor fired the team for their poor track record. They've since parted ways - Cat Canada is now an officer for the Jaycee Pawman Squad, and her sidekick now co-manages a coffee shop with her husband Jonah T. Tentious.

Cat Canada realized her superpowers at a young age. The source of her powers are from the magnetic north pole in northern Canada. Through various incidents, she learned that she could channel the power of Canadian mythological creatures. This is what eventually earned her superheroine name "Cat Canada".

While she is brave and willing to push herself to her limits, Cat Canada definitely doesn't act like the average superhero (or the stereotypical polite, timid Canadian). She has a large ego, but she can think realistically when she's calm, and is blunt and critical in her observations. Cat Canada never backs down from a challenge and is willing to take more risks compared to her other squad members. She loves the food, culture, entertainment and sports of Canada and defends them to the death. For fun, CC likes being active (sports, fighting, exercise, etc) and likes exploring outside for days at a time. She detests anything "nerdy" like reading, video games and staying inside all day.

Even though she comes across as brash, Cat Canada is actually very loyal to her friends and will come to their aid. She is very brave and is willing to try new things and experiences. She is also a good survivalist and knows a lot about hiking safety, finding food, navigation and city "street smarts". She is authoritative and can easily boss around weak-willed individuals.

Her biggest strengths are her physical talents and powers. She has the body of an athlete and has above average strength and run speed, even without taking her powers into account. CC is resistant to cold temperature, and her body is also constantly magnetized from her power source. She never gets lost because she always knows where magnetic north is. She rarely gets sick, and when wounded, her wounds heal slightly faster than the average person. She has an increased immunity to psychic powers and mind-reading from being around her telekinetic sidekick for long periods of time.

Super Strength: This is a genetic, inherited power from her family. When activated, her hands and/or feet glow with a yellow aura.
On Average: Can lift the weight of a semi truck
Absolute Best: Can stop a train in it's tracks
Absolute Worst: Can only lift Wayne (about 300 pounds)
Limitations: Can only channel her super strength into her hands and feet. For example, she can't have super strong teeth to chew through a brick wall.

Flight: Because Cat Canada is constantly magnetized, she can change her polarity against the earth's natural magnetism. This repels her enough to get into the air for levitation and flight.
On Average: Can fly at a speed of 200 to 400 km/h
Absolute Best: Fly at the speed of sound
Absolute Worst: About as fast as an average person running
Limitations: Without a cape, she has a harder time staying in the air. She needs it to catch the wind.

Canadian Mythos Summon: In extreme emotional or physical stress, sometimes she can temporarily channel the power of a Canadian mythical creature. Such creatures include the Ogopogo, Sasquatch, Windigo, Native totem animals and more. Each creature has a different power and element. When dispelled, Cat Canada becomes weak and drained of power for a while.
On Average: Gains control of this power for a few minutes and is able to control more than half of the creature's actions.
Absolute Best: Gains control of this power for an great amount of time and is able to control it effectively. Suffers little to no "drained" period after the summon finishes.
Absolute Worst: Either is unable to control the creature's powers, or is unable to summon one at all. This also includes summoning the powers of a creature that is unhelpful. Still suffers a "drained" period regardless.
Limitations: She cannot will this power into happening whenever she wants, even in extreme situations. The creature she channels is random unless she's close to where the creature would be found, and she may not have control over the actions of the creature. Cannot summon the physical body of a Canadian mythological creature, she is simply borrowing it's "soul" temporarily.

Drinking Canadian maple syrup (and no other kind of syrup) gives her a temporary power boost.

CC's large ego causes a lot of problems with others. Most of the time, she puts her own needs before anyone else's and wants to be the centre of attention. She freely criticizes others, yet is unable to accept criticisms aimed at her, and reacts immaturely. Cat Canada has a very short temper and is prone to use physical violence. Unlike the toony "rubbery" bodies of Jaycee and Ella Pawman, Cat Canada is quite "stiff" in comparison, and her injuries are more "real" and need to be treated.

Like all superheros, Cat Canada has her weaknesses too - magnets and electric shocks. She avoids these as much as possible, even sporting rubber gloves and boots to avoid even tiny static shocks. She is extremely phobic of thunderstorms, despite being super courageous of everything else. Even though her super strength is from a genetic source, it is still affected by her other powers not working either.

Magnets: Magnets are naturally attracted to her. These mess with her magnetized body, either weakening/distorting her powers or removing them entirely. As long as the magnet is attached to her body, she experiences these negative effects. When the magnet is removed, she immediately returns to normal. The size of the magnet has different negative effects on her powers.
Small Magnets: Something like a tiny fridge magnet will stick to her. While the magnet isn't strong enough to remove her powers, it still distorts them enough to experience discomfort. As long as the magnet clings to her, CC experiences vertigo-like symptoms. She becomes nauseated and unable to keep her balance. Her powers are weak and she is unable to fly straight. Her vision is also distorted and begins to "see double".
Large Magnets: She will become ensnared in the magnet's pull and be unable to break out. Upon contact, all of her powers are nullified. Because her super strength is nullified, she lacks the strength needed to pry the magnet off her and needs a 3rd party to do so.

Electric Shocks: Worse than magnets because the effects of an electric shock linger far after the shock happened. When electrocuted, Cat Canada loses all of her powers for a certain amount of time which depends on the severity of the shock.
Small Shocks: A typical static shock hurts her far more than the average person. She loses all of her powers from 30 minutes to several hours.
Large Shocks: Something like a tazer shock wounds her badly. All of her powers are nullified up to several days after the shock. Anything higher has a increased chance of killing her immediately.

Other weaknesses include a low tolerance and tiring out quicker in hot weather, being incapable of attracting metal objects with her magnetism (she's not Magneto!) and experiencing strange effects on her powers and mood after drinking maple syrup that's not from Canada. She is not bulletproof, heatproof or have any increased defenses for dealing with physical trauma. Lastly, her cape can be snagged on something easily, and her body is lightweight and will be sent flying by enough force.

Fighting Style:
Cat Canada likes to fight! She is very good at fighting and it is her preferred way to settle disputes. While she isn't proficient at any particular style of hand-to-hand combat, she takes techniques from all kinds, or makes up her own and can be unpredictable. In general, CC is a good dodger and is a hard-hitting quick fighter, but her lightweight body makes it difficult for her to take many hits. Getting into an aerial fight with her is not recommended since she her speedy flight powers makes her better at dodging in the air than she is on the ground.
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