Rain or Shine Picture

Okay. More Sunshowers stuff. I've had this sitting on my comp half finished for about two months. So I figured I'd get off my lazy butt and finish it so I can post it on my gallery page there.

Again, Keiko and Genkurou.

Keiko isn't exactly a pessimist, but she's not the most optimistic person ever either. The best way to put it is she's practical. In other words, depending on the situation she'll view the glass differently. But someone needed an umbrella so she gets it.

Genkurou is definitely much more of the optimist though. Thus he gets the nice sun.

Keiko is jealous of the sun. She's wishing the teru teru bozu on her umbrella worked. Yeah, that little ghostie thing is used in Japan to keep the rain away.

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