look, art e_x Picture

i said i wouldn't upload here again, but i figured since people keep putting me on their devwatch, i might as well post something x_o this isn't very great, but it's a 'new' chara and she was fun to draw...and since the pic is just a portrait and there's nothing personal about it whatsoever, i figured this was the one to post e.e

i was looking at sunchan's art that i've missed since i've not been here and i found the copyrights on their heads amusing...that poor girl has gone through so much...but i popped one on thalia 'cos i didn't put my signiture on this pic [i forgot...hadn't even intended to colour this pic, it was just a sketch xD].

anyway, thalia is an update of an old chara named tammi. she is the lead singer of a band [with gretel, bodo, and hansel] called the thundercats xDDDDDDDDDDDDDddee!!!! She also plays the piano and keyboards in some of their songs =3 i found her name in a dictionary, whilst on a random search for new words and such e.e; 'thalia' is the name of the muse of comedy and suchlike in greek mythology.

interesting, isn't it o.o; ::said with disinterest.::

i ramble alot...and now my

i am so cool. i misspelled copyright. xD;;

sakura microns, prisma markers/pencils.
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