One half of my legend in my story... Picture

At the moment, I'm still creating the geography of my fantasy world lol.....

Through I want to finish the rough draft this year.(Aka, create all the characters, main and side etc etc..)

I always loved legends and I decided to make one for myself. (I swear I am not copying 'Avater: The Last Airbender.)

The first woman is Yama-no-Izumi Koto(山泉 琴). I am planning on her being the 'lord' of the water.

The second woman..... I actually haven't thought of her name yet...(Anila or Jasira: I picked up these names from I was a bit lost to what element she should control: fire or wind. In this case, wind came out. She can also 'read the paths of choices'.

I may do their biographies(....but they are not the main characters, and they are long deceased before the main character is born. So it is a B-I-G maybe.)

I will do the other 2 and they are both men.(The elements is Earth and Fire: I'm sure you figured it out.
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