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First of all…I gotta say, well, sorry for the yucky resolution. You see…this is part of a much larger picture, this original section being 18x24, and it got cropped because I couldn’t get the whole thing photographed very well, no matter how I tried. Therefore, you get this small section…so I gotta say, sorry, the original is much cooler (though I admit, there are quite a few mistakes you might spot)….this photograph, just isn’t. I’ll actually try to get a better one for you all, but I give up on taking pictures of graphite after this!
Anyhow, this was done quite a few days ago, but due to me hurting my left eye pretty badly, and then taking care of a sick baby goat…it didn’t get in on the 5th like I had planned. Ah well, such is life. Anywho, please enjoy!

Name: Lorilei the Firefly

Age: Unknown. She's estimated to be in her late teens to early twenties, but records on her are sketchy, and as she would say, "a lady never gives out her age, now does she?"

Gender: Female (ummm…I really hope that’s obvious ^^)

Special Abilities: Lorilei can generate fire spontaneously on her own skin, controlling the temperature of the flames and also the extent to which they can burn things around her. She’s also quite adept at throwing small bits of flame and causing things close to her to spontaneously combust. Coupled with extra agility imparted on her by the Eye of Michael, along a flame-resistant arm guard/rifle, this makes her quite deadly. She also has a pet dog which is not only her best friend, but will attack on command.

History: Lorilei was born Lauren Alice Burrows to a poor but loving couple of thomas ranchers. Unfortunately, the Bad Lads killed her parents on a sand steamer ride when she was thirteen and she only escaped because she amused Brilliant Dynamites Neon enough with her “little girl” knife skills to earn herself a "walk" home. She was later picked up, already half dead from thirst, by a man who claimed to be a priest, and she then ended up working a stint for the Eye of Michael as a supposed "nun", though she traveled incognito as a bar singer. When another man in the organization, known only to her as Nicholas D., was drafted as a Gung-Ho-Gun she was informed that she was now under their jurisdiction as well, but for reasons she was not told. During her time spent with them she changed Lauren to Lorilei, as the result of a legend she had heard as a child. She originally came to the GHGs already boasting powers imparted upon her by the EoM, that of superior agility and the abilities to control fire and combust close objects with a mere thought. She also travels with a feral dog she calls Serenity, and in battle they appear to work as a team, so well that one would almost wonder if they were not somehow communicating mind-to-mind. Lorilei earned the nickname ‘Firefly’ from Nicholas himself, who upon meeting her laughed and said that she reminded him of them, because she had such a “fiery” outlook on life. It is unknown how she lost her eye, or even if she truly did, but she is always seen wearing a leather patch, which has earned her quite a few interesting nicknames. She's mostly a loner, but has taken up the hunt for Vash along with her fellow Gung-Ho-Guns because she's more or less curious to meet him, not because she wishes to actually kill him. She’s also heard the rumor that he might just be immortal, and if he is, she would like to ask him what he thinks the meaning of humanity’s existence really is. Whether or not she truly ever got her wish is open for debate, as the ending to legend of Lorilei the Firefly is one which has long since been lost in the sands of time.

(the name Lorilei has an old mythological meaning…I’ll leave it up to the lot of you to figure it out ^^)

Done on Strathmore Recycled with my trusty .5 Pentel for the sketch lines…then later various other pencils with different lead thicknesses (2,4,6, HB…the list goes on), and then shaded with just my fingers. From first tiny sketch to actual layout and finish, this took 5hrs, done over the week. I had originally thought I would sell this…but now I think I’ll just give it to a friend. There are a few homages to Nightow in here, I drew my clouds much in the way he does. Anyways…remember…commissions are still open!

(Trigun doesn't belong to me ^^)
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