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Interviewed by Jonathan Lane

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Artiste Interview: Stephie Wesson

Interviewer: Jonathan Lane


Why are you having an exhibition at this time?

I am having an exhibition because I have spent many years developing my art, and now is the right time to have a solo exhibition! With thanks to Minerva


How did the work evolve?

I first started creating characters when I was three years old, the first one is Eyeda, she is an ice cat. She first appeared to me as a white and blue cat then later the human form took shape and it was then that I realized I am dealing with something very special.


How many characters are there?

There are currently 370 + characters, and counting, I feel they come as a natural spiritual process and so the cast is ever growing! They range from more normal animals such as cats, wolves, horses to dinosaurs, dragons, unicorns, fairy, pixies, elfs e.t.c


Where do they come from?

Its taken a while to figure this one out! I always knew they are from another world, now I know their world is called Lunartimis, it is a special and sacred, ethereal place.


How do your life experiences inform your art?

I have been studying animals and dinosaurs, mythology e.t.c since I was little, I have a lot of knowledge about animals and this helps in my art! When I am drawing them I think about how they would move, where they live are they aquatic? Or terrestrial? This kid of thought process takes place.

Also I love fashion particularly ethnic and fantastical fashion! And hair, I have so many hair magazines as reference you would not believe it!

I draw on my strengths and portray this in my art through my characters.


What do you see as the next stage in the development of your art?

Im currently experimenting with inks, I hope to progress with this and of course gain new characters with interesting life stories and also I hope to continue to develop my needle felting skills, seeing them in that medium is so satisfying!


At what stage is the novel?

The novel has to be edited here and there, the illustrations of the characters featured in it need to be completed and then I will look towards publication.


How will you promote the novel?

Online, and I will also endeavour to promote it at the local book shop.


What do you see as the next stage in your development as an artist? That is not quite the same question as question 6 or is it?

Yes it is, artistic nudes!


What has the role of the Minerva Centre been in promoting your art?

The Minerva centre has helped me so much, giving me the opportunity to have exhibitions and supporting my artistic vision. The tutors are wonderful and have helped me develop my skills in different mediums.


What feedback has there been from the exhibition?

People loved the display of my characters! My personal favourite was the big painting of Snowstorm, the blue tiger; I must draw him again soon.

The audience were interested in the half human half animal concept!

Also a lot of people commented on Greyling who is a flutterfelidae, a cat with butterfly wings essentially a fae cat.

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