Monguin's Impossible Creatures Meme Picture


Okay, I was compelled to do an Impossible Creatures meme for a long time and to finish it.

So, let's take a look at a few questions:

1. First off, Liberty and Wisdom go hand in hand. That's what the Eagle/Owl hybrid, called the Owlgle symbolizes.

2. Jarancula, combining the name of a famous vampire, Dracula, and the name of the largest family of spiders, the tarantula. Jarancula are a swarm of poisonous-tarantula/vampire-bat hybrids that consume the flesh and drink the blood. Part of the plot of Impossible Creatures is the misuse of hybrid creation technology, and the Jarancula would be no exception.

3. The biggest conflict between the creation of Owlgle and Jarancula mainly has to deal with whether or not the human race is worth being saved. Unfortunately, given the Owlgle's lore, I think the Owlgle would eventually lose the fight against the Jarancula in the end.

4. I drew this one earlier, but then decided to make almost an exact copy thereof which I already submitted to my page. It's my two favorite characters, Diddy Kong, and Tux, mascot of Linux operating systems. It was Diddy that inspired me to play with the hybrid concept in the first place and it was Tux that greatly encouraged me to do so for presentation. My fan characters descended from both. One thing they have in common, unfortunately, is that they share a common hatred to Impossible Creatures' distributor, Microsoft Gaming Studios.

5. I already uploaded a picture of Rex Chance as a Halo Spartan. Why? Well, simply because he's Microsoft and so is Halo and I felt it is necessary to design a Spartan armor for any Microsoft-licensed humanoid, even Diddy Kong's old friend, Banjo, bought by Microsoft in only a matter of 3 months prior to Impossible Creatures' release.

6. The way I design the animal hybrids is I aim to make every individual body part hybrid. Notice how the Tiger-frog has silk fur and rubbery claws? Yeah!

7. I had to add a little sarcasm. Karan S'jet is the main protagonist of Homeworld 1 and 2, both by Relic Entertainment, Impossible Creatures' developer. What I have to say is drawing female humans is very awkward, and about as awkward as drawing a bald alien chick. I figured that it would be funny if she tricked Rex into dating the wrong Lucy from Assassin's Creed instead of her own girlfriend, Lucy WILLING. The reason Lucy Stillman is dressed in the clothes of Chell from the Portal games is a long story, and I have a picture specifically for that. Apparently, Karen S'jet, Lucy Stillman, Rex Chance, and Lucy Willing all have something in common: they're all scientists.

8. This is my fan fic character, a monkey/penguin hybrid descendant of Diddy Kong and Tux. He was captured by Aperture Sciences because they're interested in his legacy. Likewise, between Rareware's relationship with Nintendo on his father's side of the family and Linux's persuit as Windows' competition on his mother's side of the family, the monguin is a naturally born enemy of Microsoft. He's designed intentionally to be cute. Tubby as he always is, I had to have Rex scruff the monguin's shirt and poke him in his cute little belly button with a knife. :-3

9. I picked the two scenes that are direct references to two very classic movies of the early 20th Century, King Kong and Wizard of Oz. I couldn't resist drawing a picture of Diddy Kong making comments on both of these scenes at the same time.

10. And here is my tribute to Rex Chance, as a friend of Rareware's Conker the Squirrel? And is that the Piece of Eden Tux is holding? In case you don't know, the Piece of Eden is a plot device from the entire Assassin's Creed franchise and supposedly created humans in that game. It reminds me so much of the Apple products that I always use that device to make fun of Apple Inc. Combine that with the LINUX MASCOT being portrayed as the forefather of the monguins and Rex Chance, a Microsoft-licensed PC game character, and I ended up with Tux keeping the Piece of Eden away from Rex Chance. Oh, and by the way, Sega bought Relic. That explains why Omochao is referencing Clippy.

Impossible Creatures by Relic Entertainment and Microsoft Gaming Studios

Diddy Kong by Nintendo
Conker and Banjo by Rareware
Assassin's Creed (including the Apple of Eden) by Ubisoft. Apple Inc. has nothing to do with the device.
Tux by Linux
Halo, Windows, and Clippy Paperclip by Microsoft
Homeworld by Relic Entertainment (At least the developer has been keeping the "rights" in the archives, but they don't have anybody to distribute to.)
Portal (Chell and Aperture Sciences) from Valve Corporation, owners of Steam which I hope would release Impossible Creatures just as it did the other Relic games such as Dawn of War and Company of Heroes as well as the other Microsoft games such as Age of Empires and Age of Mythology
Omochao by SEGA

Monguins, Owlgles, and Jarancula are by me. I created them myself.
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