OC Kuma Lisa Picture

My original character Kuma Lisa (and yes, I purposely named her after the trickster fox in Bulgarian mythology). And yes, she's a red fox hybrid.

She's the older sister of my other OC Decker (by 2 years). They have the same parent donors but due to the large amount of genetic manipulations done by the Government-employed scientists, people usually cannot tell that they are siblings at first glance.

Kuma Lisa is pretty tall (she's 5'8") and has an hourglass figure. She usually wears a body-con dress and ankle booties. I draw her with thigh-high socks this time but she doesn't wear them all the time.

The OCs that I draw on Deviantart (minus Sage and Bryley) have been around since 2011 (as characters in my novel). I just started sketching them recently since I thought it'll be nice to venture into a new medium.
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